Bri & Cole - Colbert, WA


My gosh, these two are so picture perfect! Every time I go through the photographs I still get butterflies. What a perfect rustic themed, family focused wedding. Bri is one of my close friends, I enjoy everything about her! It’s an indescribable feeling watching someone you love and care about marry their person. Cole, thank you for your service. You’re a heck of a guy and I’m so happy for you both.

Kailey & Logan - Arbor Crest Cliffhouse

This was my first wedding of 2018, and what a start it was! Kailey and Logan are so very much in love, it made my job such a joy. From the moment I started my walk to the bridal suite I was struck by the beauty and calmness Arbor Crest offers. I knew the day was going to be one to remember. Thank you so much Kailey and Logan, for picking me.

Shaley & Nick, Western Styled Shoot, Rustic Meadows in Cheney, WA

This session was absolutely ground breaking for me. A few other talented, amazing photographers and I got to spend some time with these gorgeous people, just for the hell of it. Shaley owns West Desperado and is a fabulous model. This was one of the first shoots with her boyfriend, Nick. After throwin back a few Keystone Lights Alex had in her car we were ready for the adventure ahead. I was leading the way when I looked down and noticed mole holes... my next thought was hey great place for a snake to hang out... I haddn't even finished the thought as I was stepping over this large handsome bull snake. SO FREAKY. The snake was dealt with and we moved on with our business. The results of this colaberation were the most rewarding. They were so much fun to work with and, they compliment each other so beautifully. Thank you Alex, Clare, Heidi, Shaley & Nick for this wonderful shoot. 

Model: Shaley Ham 

Venue: Rustic Meadows in Cheney, WA 509.532.9007 (my mother and father in-law own this venue, if you book with both of us there is a discount!)

Floral: IG @pookiesflowers3

Dress: IG @thewildroan


Avery, It's fun to be five.

I wasn't sure who was runnin the show,this adorable lil spit fire or me, ha! She was all about having fun and getting the perfect shot. It was a blast to meet Avery, her mom, dad and beautiful horses. :) 

June, 2018

VanAusdals, Manito Park, Spokane, WA

Family sessions, they are SO FUN! I gain a new appreciation for the importance of family each time I do one of these. This bunch was so fun, I was laughing way more than I was shooting. We started off in small groups and then I got my one on one time with each wonderfully made person. The results were amazing. Thanks for hangin out VanAusdals :) 

Faith & Russ, Ione, WA - Scottish Heritage

I met Faith and Russ back in 2015 and we hit it off! Their wedding wasn't until 2017, the anticipation was almost too much, but the wait was well worth it. One of my favorite places on Earth so far is Sullivan Lake, it just so happened that this magical wedding was to take place maybe 10 minutes from the lake! I was completely swooning by the Scottish theme and by the sheer genuine company of Faith, Russ, and their wonderful families! Often times being a stranger taking photos for something so important as a wedding it's hard to fit in smoothly, these guys took me in as family right away. These two were so creatively inspiring that I was able to grow with my style and aesthetics. It was an honor to photograph and participate in this wedding, however making new life long friends was the best part. Enjoy... <3 

Kadden, Graduate

Oh man, where to begin with this guy! We go back a few years, and you make me feel like an old person, but I'm so proud of you! Your drive and energy are admirable, but your heart for life is something the world could learn from. Can't wait to see what the future holds. 

October, 2017

Matt & Jackie Engaged

Growing up is such an experience. I remember this funny new kid in my 4th grade class, this kid was the one and only Matt. After eight years of getting to know this genuine and kind person, I never would have thought I'd be shooting his wedding someday. I met Jackie at some other good high school friends wedding a couple years ago. She was so helpful and kind the entire time! I knew instantly that she was someone I could count on, a true down to earth girl. Soon after a friendship sparked and here we are. This engagement session was a ton of fun, Ruby was the star of the show! Can't wait for this fall:) 

June, 2017

Felicia, EWU Graduate

So proud of this strong woman right here. She graduated from Eastern Washington University spring of 2017. I've known her for a good 10+ years, we graduated Cheney High School together. She's also super gorgeous, a solid friend and a ton of fun to go dancing with! Congratulations Felicia <3 

June, 2017

Kelcie & Cameron, Omak WA

These two are simply gorgeous, aren't they? My pal Kevin and I drove all the way from Spokane to take part in this beautiful occasion. The road trip was breathtaking! After having the best time getting to know Kelcie and Cameron while I snapped some getting ready photos it was time for their first look. This moment is probably my most favorite moment of the day! The anticipation, the excitement and nerves all coming to a point. Then once they were together it was like nothing else in the world mattered. From then on out the day was an absolute success. We had the best time! Be sure to check out those sunset photos